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Circle 10 Experience – November 9-11, 2018

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The Circle Ten XPERIENCE will be held November 9 – 11, 2018 at Texas Motor Speedway.  You don’t want to miss it!!!!

There will be over 125 different activities, demonstrations, exhibits, and live entertainment for you, your Scouts, and their families to enjoy.

Cost will be $35 per person (children 4 and under are only $5 ) which includes the entrance fees as well as food (all meals  except dinner on November 9th)


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Cub Scout aged youth will be astounded with the large variety of activities and entertainment planned with them in mind!  There will be BIG play, creative play, lots of things to THROW, fun “take-home” crafts, and several “give-back to others” opportunities.

You’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite Scouting activities and skills! 

SHOWCASE:  THE BIG PINEWOOD DERBY!  LOOK for the CTX2 sized BIG track sponsored by Pinewood Nuts, a local pinewood derby company. Scouts may bring their own cars or choose from cars provided.  Each hour, a “fastest” car competition will be held (using the Scout’s own cars), with finalists racing in a 3:30 p.m. race-off! The winner will receive a fabulous TROPHY! 

Enjoy these fun activities, too  —  

Meet Baden Powell, founder of the BSA! Obstacle Course
Knot Tying & Lashings Blow Darts
Life-sized Lincoln Logs Tug-a-War
Gigantic Tic-Tac-Toe Scout Pen Pals
SWAPS:  Make ‘em, Trade ‘em (craft) Face Painting

Be prepared to BE AMAZED in this fun filled area highlighting STEM activities where things can be transformed, manipulated, and engineered, all while inspiring young minds.

SHOWCASE:   SCOUT QUIDDITCH  Yes, we are playing Quidditch, complete with a quaffle, bludger, and snitch.  Players will be placed on teams to join in the fun-spirited competition.  Will Tigerin, HuffleWolf, RavenBear, or Webeldor win?

 And you won’t want to miss these “magical” experiences —  

Scouting Trivia, hosted by Cubmaster Dumbledore Wizard Chess, life-sized!
Herbology Class Potions Galore!
Rain Gutter Regatta The SNAKE Guy
Lawn Bowling Rope Bridge
STEM Skills with SNAPOLOGY® Magic Show
Cathy’s Critters Petting Zoo

Expect to visit with some special “characters” while engaging in a gigantic selection of galactic games!

SHOWCASE:  POD RACING, CUB SCOUT STYLE  Get aboard a CubScout podster and race your friends to see who can cross the cosmic finish line first!

 Also, enjoy these  —  

Space Regatta Popsicle & Paper Aviation
Lawn Fishing Body Board Race
Swamp Stilt Walking Bean Bag Toss
Checkers, life-sized! Galactic Bowls (craft)
“Out-of-this-World” science experiments Lego® Derby

Who needs video games when playing games LIVE, outdoors, with your Scouting buddies is WAY MORE FUN!  

SHOWCASE:  HUMAN FOOSBALL  Become a reality player in a live action game of foosball.  Can you block the shot or will the other team score?  It’s harder than it looks – you’ll have to give it a try!

Other incredible activities you won’t want to miss  —  

Rock Range Toss Marble Race
Cardboard Castle Construction Zone Four Square
Neckerchief Slides (craft) Slime Factory
Seed Bomb Origami Anybody?
Mosaic Tile Mural Life-Sized Jenga

<pSHOWCASE #1: CTX2 BUNGEE! One look and you are going to want to do this! What could be more fun than a combination bungee jump and trampoline?  (10 and older)</p



SHOWCASE #2: MOBILE ZIP LINE! Everybody loves a zip line, and we’ll have one on-site!  (10 and older)



SHOWCASE #3:  BOBCAT BASKETBALL If you are picturing 4 legged, pointy-eared critters dribbling a basketball, you are bobcatting up the wrong tree.  These BOBCATS have 4 wheels, and the drivers need to pick up a basketball with the loader and deliver it to the basket.  It’s not easy, but it is super fun to try.  SPONSORED BY SUNSTATE RENTALS.  (14 and older)

Plus, all these other MOTION-CENTRIC activities:

Canoes on Wheels Races Putting Greens Wrist Rockets
Gaga Ball Mountain Biking BIG Obstacle Course
Climbing Wall Ladder Golf Target Soccer
Tether Ball Frisbee Golf Zorb Bubble Ball
Power Mountain Climbing Lawn Bowling Lawn Darts
Rock Range Toss Four Square Stilts Walking
QR Code Geocaching Cast Away (fly-fishing) Inflatables
Texas Junior Anglers Catch Tank Group Dynamix GAMES!


You never know what interesting things you will find at CTX2.  Be Prepared to Xplore all these exhibits, demonstrations, and new activities.  



Showcase #1:  US NAVY VIRTUAL REALITY!  A big hit at the 2017 National Jamboree, the US Navy Virtual Reality Trailer will be at CTX2!  Be a hero and come to the rescue of fellow crew members (well, it will FEEL like the real thing!)  Youth 14 and older only; signed parental consent required (details TBA).


Image result for Rusty Gears, the Robot


Showcase #2:  RUSTY GEARS the Robot  An interactive, intelligent robot, Rusty Gears will roam around talking to everyone along the way.  It’s fun and surprising! 



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Showcase #3:  Ask Me!  Especially for leaders, our friends at CampMaster will host a booth offering hourly tutorials on how to use the CampMaster reservation system. Staff will also be on hand to answer YOUR specific questions.


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Showcase #4:  BRING YOUR BEST – TROOP CHALLENGE!  We are looking for 10 troops to bring their own unique style of fun to CTX2.  Troops are invited to host a troop activity at CTX2, and the one judged the “Best of the Best” will have a TALL TROPHY and bragging rights to bring home.  


Plus so many others:

Scuba Showcase EnGarde! Fencing demonstration Patch Emporium
Dutch Oven Cooking “Tag” Your Troop Graffiti Wall Art Bird Study
Operation Game Thief/Wall of Shame
(Texas Parks & Wildlife)
Cathy’s Critters Petting Zoo Spark! Dallas
TRAXXAS remote controlled vehicles Trucker Buddy Big Rigs Dallas Zoo exhibit
SWAMPBASE, Lousiana Wildlife on the Move Sewell Automotive Cars
Texas Flyfishing Club Karate Demonstrations Singing Scouts! Silly songs!
LIVE Encounter with SNAKES! Magic Show GOLIATH Mobile Response Truck
Texas Master Naturalist
(Texas Parks & Wildlife)
Urban Wildlife Program
(Texas Parks & Wildlife)
Biologist Program
(Texas Parks & Wildlife)
Tandy Leather Zanfel (Poison Ivy Alert!) Dallas Paleontological Society
Surveying Triage SOS! Welding (14 and older)


What Scouting event is complete without a chance for bragging rights over hitting a bull’s eye … whatever the target!   Be sure to aim true!


Showcase: Sporting Arrows  Picture traditional “field” archery combined with skeet shooting!  Using special arrows, archers will take aim on a moving 10-inch foam disk.  It’s fun and it’s a REAL CHALLENGE.  (13 and older)


BB Guns Daisy Outdoor Products Inflatable Range
Field Archery Laser-Rifle Shot (13 and older)
Air-soft Guns Sporting Arrows (13 and older)


Ever wonder what it was REALLY like back on the frontier?  You’ve got your chance to revisit the past with Frontier Remix!  


Indian Village Tee-Pees
Indian Drum Performances Native American Dance Team
Beading (craft) Chuck-Wagon
Trapping/Fur/Hides Exhibit Mountain Man Tent
Tomahawk Throw Flint & Steel Competition
Pioneering Display and Demonstration Branding


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